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An amazing new Cristina Cordula in Mézeray High School !

vendredi 15 décembre 2017, par Administrateur.

Last Thursday, an image consultant from Versailles came to Mézeray High School to give advice to students in the first year of the 2-year Personal Assistant Program (BTS AM1). She spoke at length about how to prepare for a job interview in order to help the students become more self-confident.
First, she explained her job as an image consultant, and then she taught us how to understand our particularities in order to sublimate them. To follow her advice, we were asked to practice in pairs and to move along step by step.
First, she told us about our seductive eye, as we all have one in particular. We found our seductive eye by observing which side of our face is more open and more expressive. Then she came to talking about color matching, morphology, and face-shape. Finally, we learned about hair styles.

She gave us individual advice for dress codes, such as what colors we each should wear and which we should avoid. She also gave us some general pointers to remember (for example, you should wear two colors but not three for a job interview as that is too much).
“We all have assets ; however, we must learn how to use them well,” Ms. Ruffier said, and she added : “Remember that the first few seconds will be decisive for the interviewer.”
Anais, one of the pupils, commented : “This presentation gave me self-confidence and made me want to pay more attention to my appearance. I learned a lot, and I wish that all the two-year courses (BTS) would have the same opportunity.”
To conclude, we think this presentation taught us to reveal ourselves and gave us more confidence as we now know what can make us stand out. We would love to see her again for more advice. It was an awesome meeting ! We would also like to thank Laurence Ruffier, our teachers, and Mézeray High School for this amazing opportunity we had.